Types of Animals that Live in Attics

Your attic provides the perfect place for shelter, hibernation, and a nursery for a number of wild San Francisco creatures. They see it as secure from most predators, and close to a source of food and water. Their infestations can be anything from bothersome with random noises, chewed wiring, and the smell to dangerous. Animal infestations can cause health hazard, fire hazards, and serious structural damage. If nesting, or frightened, any California animal can become vicious when encountered.

Some animals like California rats and mice move into your attic with the intention of forming a rodent community. They are not interested in leaving until the shelter and food run out which is - never. You can have hundreds running around home in just a short time. Squirrels use your attic as home base and a nursery because its height and remoteness make it seem secure. They will cause an awful mess, but they eat away from the home and leave in the winter months to join a scurry for long naps. Pigeons are moving in for good like rats. Since San Francisco pigeons mate for life and live in small groups, you won’t have as many as the rodents, but the mess is substantial. Torn up insulation, feathers and bird poo everywhere, and lots of noises are just a few of the problems. Raccoons see your attic as the perfect nursery. Once your attic is chosen, the mother will tear up insulation or anything else to make the perfect nest ahead of time. The mother will bring food in for her young causing an awful mess and smell.

The good news is that they will move on in about 4 months. Bats think of your attic as the perfect cave. They will form communities, using your attic as both home and nursery. This is a mess of epic proportions that can go on for a very long time if not stopped. Although these are the main culprits for inhabiting your attic, the space also appeals to other San Francisco creatures seeking safe shelter. Skunks, opossums, and feral cats have been known to move in to attics looking for a secure nesting spot. No matter what creature(s) you think you have, getting rid of them is imperative. Be sure to check local laws, as some creature, like bats are protected when they have young. Your local Ag extension or an anima removal service can advise you on the best way to proceed. After the creatures are gone, remember prevention is the best cure. When you are clear of pests set about the task of critter proofing your California home so this doesn’t happen again!

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